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Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit
  • Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit


    Over the years, I have encountered far too many a student who ended their practice before it could even begin due to poorly designed starter kits. The wrong nibs, uninspiring inks, zero direction on how to overcome the typical roadbumps all beginners face. They get tossed in a dusty corner + are forgotten. I curated my Beginners' kit to not only give you a comprehensive understanding of the supplies you need, may want, should invest in, but to also thoughtfully lead you step-by-step through the forming of basic shapes + letterforms, including a full lower + uppercase modern Copperplate alphabet. With Más+Millie's An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Starter's Kit, you will have access to all the basic tools + concepts needed to kick start your exploration into the beautiful art form that is pointed pen calligraphy.

    SKU: 364215376135191

      • An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy, your comprehensive beginner's guide to help get you started with your new tools.
      • Layout Practice Paper
      • Straight Pen Holder
      • 2 Pointed Beginner's Nibs
      • Black Sumi Ink with Dropper Bottle
      • Ink Well Set with Jars



      Got you covered, luv. A supplemental guide is available for immediate, free download. Link to download comes with all guidebooks. 


      Due to the proprietary nature of the content included, our Calligraphy Kits may not be returned or refunded.

      You have 48 hours from receipt of item to inform Más+Millie of any errors/omissions with the order.



      Ships UPS Ground, 1-3 day turnaround

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