Chicago based calligraphist, ink artisan + educator. 

Becka has a BA in fine art photography + art history + a professional background in calligraphy, illustration,  graphic design + figure drawing. She also has an extensive history of incredibly good handwriting. Becka would get home from school + feel compelled to rewrite her class notes into her "official" notebook because "they weren't aesthetically pleasing enough" the first time. Yep, she's super well-adjusted.  Her academic + artistically-inclined, whole-brained parents (Papa was a Musical Theory professor + Mom illustrated, sang + played guitar when she wasn't saving lives as a nurse) encouraged this behavior, inadvertently setting Becka up for a lifetime of being told "you really should get your own font."


And so it would be...


Becka can be found sipping a fine red at her desk, mixing timeless practices with contemporary soul, pouring just a bit of her cheeky personality into playful illustrations + bespoke lettering design that aspire to evoke the creative joy in others.  


And she just so happens to be the creative soul behind Más+Millie.


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