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Unless otherwise discussed, please submit your list as a pages or Microsoft Word doc in standard address format. In some instances, using Excel/Google Sheets for your guest list may be acceptable or even preferred, but please only submit a spreadsheet guest list if this is something we have discussed for your particular project.



The pressure of the correct address can be stressful, particularly in a day + age when many rules of etiquette can feel outdated or unnecessary. As a calligraphist, I am generally inclined toward adhering to tradition, but I also lean a bit more toward the old adage "learn the rules like a pro, break them like an artist."  That said, while there is a rule for every address under the sun, you will want to make sure you are addressing your guests the way they want to be addressed. If you happen to know that your military uncle prefers to leave his rank off his title, then that is simply his choice. Your divorced cousin still goes by Mrs.? That's her prerogative. But if you aren't sure of any preference, then tradition applies + I'm here to help!

You may find the easy answer to your wording question on my online Guest List Wording page.


If you run into any further, specific concerns while creating your guest list, just let us know. Chances are I've addressed it!

Actually, check it 3 times. Perhaps 4.


Your envelopes will be calligraphed exactly as they are submitted. We will not correct spelling mistakes (even if you think they're "obvious") + we will not automatically write out abbreviations - and yes, etiquette in most cases dictates no abbreviations. 


So, spell out Avenue + Apartment + South Dakota. And please keep in mind, making changes + adding/removing addresses after the initial list submission becomes confusing rather quickly on our end.* So check it twice (then check it again) + submit it once. Even have another set of eyes look it over - a loving fiancé, a helpful bridesmaid, perhaps? They may see a small typo you missed yourself.

*Additional setup fees may apply to multiple list submissions.

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