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Making Room

40 weeks + we're still playing the waiting game. Le sigh. But we have trust that our little guy knows his birth date. We're just appreciating every quiet minute of our life-before-Lucas, while anxiously anticipating the storm of love + nappies that surely is to come. It's a pretty remarkable feeling, going through the preparatory motions of readying a room, transforming my private studio into a nursery + feeling like he's already here. Putting his own little style stamp on what used to be my personal creative space - as if he had a say in the decor...

As I stand in the doorway of his room, I have visions of our near future. Me, standing at the changing table that has been so meticulously organized for ease of use (yeah, high hopes there, Im sure...) , Kuma the dutiful older sibling sleeping next to the crib (he has adorably been curling up on the rug for the past few months already, guarding Lucas's crib from the cat) as the shimmering little stars from Lucas's elephant nightlight dance on the exposed brick. I turn + vividly see Little Lucs on his dad's chest, in our favorite new rocking chair, both snoring, both the loves of my life. It feels as though so much has already happened in this little room + it's owner hasn't even arrived yet...

Being a calligra-mama, I naturally needed to incorporate some bespoke lettering into the decor + what better place to start than with his sweet namesake? So I gathered some of my studio staple favorites. Ultimately, I went with Yasutomo black sumi ink, not only for its archival properties, but also because it holds such a special place in my heart as one of the first calligraphy inks I fell in love with so many years ago when I was just starting out in my practice. It symbolizes a creative beginning for me. The story of Más+Millie is deeply rooted in an appreciation for the past while embracing the thrill of new discoveries + adventures in life. This new milestone that is parenthood promises to be no less thrilling. Sumi it would be.

I started my lettering with an Escoda Sash oval brush. I wanted thick lines + texture + this guy is a work horse. I'm nothing if not an imperfectionist at heart when it comes to most personal lettering projects. I actually really love seeing the rough edges, the gaps in the ink - when you can really see the hand in it. That said, while I did go back through some areas with my trusty Pentel Fude brush pen, I truly didn't spend too much time refining my lines or filling things in.

A simple white on white frame from IKEA was all it took to finish off the piece!

Looking forward to putting a sweet little face to the name + bringing my daydreams to life. What do you say, buddy?...


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